I DO take requests.
  1. Custom Wallpaper - if you have an image you want me to make into a wallpaper I will do it provided I actually like the image.  I will do very risque photos, but no actual nudity.  Process: 
    1. upload the image to image host of choice (preferably imagebam), 
    2. then post a comment at the bottom with "Custom Wallpaper" and a link to the image.
  2. HD Resize - if you want one of my wallpapers in HD (1920x1080), I'll do it if I can locate the original image in high enough quality to do it.  Process: 
    1. post a comment at the bottom with "HD Resize" and a link to the wallpaper (on imagebam).
Things I won't do:
  1. Resize wallpaper to whatever size you need.  There are 999,999,999 different monitor resolutions out there and I can't make them all for you.  You can use one that has the same ratio as your monitor, or you can download GIMP and resize it yourself.
  2. No nudity.  I don't mean that everyone has to be wearing all their clothes, I just don't want any bits and pieces showing.  I'm okay with moderate see-through clothing.
  3. Landscapes, Cars, Men, etc.  If you can't tell, my wallpaper is all ladies all the time.
I have provided an easy way for you to upload an image to imagebam below:

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