Thursday, June 28, 2007

Michelle Hunziker 2

Michelle Hunziker

Dead Wallpaper Links

I came to the realization this week that some of the wallpaper had been deleted. I was sad (especially because it was Catherine Bell, and I think those are some of my best walls).

Anyways, they have been fixed. But I have a problem.....

I don't have the time to check the entire site for these problems on a regular basis (the thumbnails still work, which is really annoying).

This is where YOU can help!!

If you see this image:

PLEASE let me know the name of the post and I will re-upload the wallpaper and fix the links. You can just post a comment on this post. Once I fix it, I will delete the comment so you know its working again.

If you can help me with this then I can maintain the site and you can enjoy all the wonderful wallpapers!!!!!