Sunday, September 24, 2006

First Ever Update Poll

Winner: Jessica Biel (wallpapers below)

I really enjoyed the first ever update poll. I will be restarting the poll this afternoon without Jessica Biel and Lisa Snowdon. I plan on having random poll endings on the poll and rotating in new people after every end.

Also, if there is a person you would like to see in the poll or any requests, post in the guestbook and I will include them in the next poll.

Lisa Snowdon 2

And I thought it would be fun to update with one of the losers in the poll. But I dont think you will be disappointed.

Lisa Snowdon

Jessica Biel 2

And The first ever Winner Is........ Jesicca Biel

And As a BONUS... the First 3 Jessical Biel Wallpapers in 1680x1050
(they were too good not to update in widescreen)